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Put our expertise to work for you. At Clean Cut Home Service, we are proud to have received the following reviews from our customers as a premier provider of services for the Columbia and surrounding area.
" I won't use anyone else now..."
I own a construction company and used Clean Cut Home Service to clean up a few of the units we built, and WOW, really thorough not only with the inside of the units but, down to the nails on the ground outside. Exceptional job!!! 
Comments by James Parker
" Number one company in my book"
As I have gotten old and am not able to take care of the things as I used to , I needed help with some of the upkeep on my home, and Dan and his company were recommended to me by a neighbor. They really went above and beyond. I gave them a list of things I needed done (some things in the garden, gutters cleaned out and some old wood piles moved and stacked) but it was when my wife came home and they helped her carry groceries in that I realized what kind of people were working for this company. Way above what we expected!! Now I have used them on other odds and ends ever since. They are number one in my book.
Comments by  Mr Warren
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"Clean Cut Home Service is the best place for your home service needs and number one when it comes to customer service. We were very happy with the results."
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